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Support for Social Care Interventions of students at the University of Patras

EKO: What does it really mean to each one of us? To me, it means equal rights for all, accessibility everywhere and collaboration with the fellow man for the fellow man. The visitor of this site, can be responsibly informed of the structures and various actions that are taking place in the University, the infrastructures and participate, be an equal member of the Academic community without prejudice, without shame. There are people that specialized in exactly that. There are experts, people that understand, people that are by your side everytime and willingly contribute, inform, listen to your suggestions and why not make them reality.
Welcome to the website EKO. All equal, all same but all so different.

Georgios N. Aggelopoulos – Vice Rector of Student Welfare & Infrastructure, Energy & Sustainability

The action “Support for Social Care Interventions of Students at the University of Patras”, was created to support the students of our University that belong in Vulnerable/Sensitive social groups (EKO)

As Vulnerable/Sensitive social groups are defined those population groups who  are most at risk of depriving basic social goods, such as access to work, education, healthcare. Indicative, EKO includes people with disability, students with financial weakness, immigrants, refugees, students with mental disorders etc. Our purpose is the provision of equal education, opportunities and accessibility having as a goal the educational and social integration in the Academic Community

Team EKO

Our moto: “Equal education – Accessibility for all”

The action  is part of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning”, under Priority Axis 6 “Improving the Quality and Efficiency of the Educational System which is co-funded by the European Social Fund

Team and sitemap photography used in the website were made possible by the contribution of our volunteers, Ismini Aggelopoulou and Spyros Lolos, who we heartily thank both!